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Programme Oct. 26th – Nov. 6th 2020

We offer you a very challenging programme.

Monday October 26th (online)

09.0009.10PlenaryWelcome & introduction Team ISCW2020 by host Robin
09.1009.20PlenaryOpening by Louise O. Fresco
09.2009.40PlenaryThe 5 themes of TFOFB@WUR by host Robin
09.4009.50PlenaryAnnouncement of the teams part one
09.5009.55PlenaryIntroduction team coaches part one
09.5510.10PlenaryPause express; physical break behind your desk
10.1010.30PlenaryBest practice: The Billiecup case webinar
10.3010.40PlenaryAnnouncement of the teams part one
10.4010.45PlenaryIntroduction team coaches part two
10.4511.00PlenaryPolls & theses
11.0011.10PlenaryAnnouncement of the experts
11.1011.20PlenaryAnnouncement of the jury and their 3 criteria
11.2011.30PlenaryClosing plenary program
11.3011.45GroupsInstruction teams by the teamcoaches
11.4512.15GroupsPlanning team work & first brainstorm

October 27th – November 5th

Shaping your brilliant ideas to the perfect pitch (planning & time by team members)

  • Regular support from and contact with your team coach
  • Webinars, cases and lectures for inspiration (optional)
  • Team ISCW 2020 and experts available to help your team
  • Wednesday November 4th: 17.30-18.15 hrs: plenary live webinar “Presentation skills” by stand-up comedian Emma Holmes!

Friday November 6th (live* from Impulse Building)

12.0012.10PlenaryWelcome for the finals by host Robin
12.1012.20PlenaryIntroduction of the jury and their 3 criteria
12.2013.00Plenary5 minute pitches by all teams part one
13.1014.00Plenary5 minute pitches by all teams part two
14.0015.00PlenaryDigital drinks/bites on location and voting for the Public Award
15.0015.40PlenaryAward ceremony jury
15.4015.50PlenaryAward ceremony Public Award by host Robin

* depending on actual Covid-19 regulation later this year

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