Invention Summer Camp Wageningen

May 17th 2019

Which new concepts and ideas can contribute to make the Campus futureproof in the field of physical studying conditions, social interaction and healthy living? Invention Summer Camp 2019 challenges multidisciplinary students and student teams to come up with their original, innovative and climate friendly solutions!

Proper Balance

Students, employees, guests and visitors from other organizations work, live, network and study on Wageningen Campus and all need an inspiring environment and excellent facilities. A proper balance between the needs of residents and guests as well as a qualified infrastructure on the Campus leads to optimal productivity and excellent results.

In the 2019 edition of Invention Summer Camp studying, working and living conditions forms our central theme . We are on the quest for new concepts to be developed to concrete solutions and focus on two main subjects:

  • Physical Learning Environment
  • Social Interaction & Lifestyle

Physical Learning Environment

How do we create spaces which meet the different requirements of students? Following lectures, working in groups, rooms for discussion, silent spaces, relaxation rooms and possibilities inside and outside, etc. While the number of students grow, educational space is limited. Flexible, optimal available and multifunctional useable spaces and processes are core elements to offer students the diversity of needs they have and will have in the future.

Social Interaction and Lifestyle

Studying is more than just following lectures. Social interaction between students and other contacts, relaxation possibilities and for example healthy food also play a crucial role in the well-being of students.

  • Get inspired by our workshops, speakers, experienced mentors and specialists.
  • Explore and build your network.
  • Develop your personal skills.
  • Deliver the best idea and win 2.500 euros with your team!

What is the goal?

Invention Summer Camp is an initiative empowered by Wageningen University & Research. On Friday 17 May we’ll bring together over 100 students from all over the country on our state of the art Campus. We’ll offer participants a challenging and varied programme of working on your ideas, inspiring keynote lectures and workshops. Support of your team is guaranteed by assistance of experienced teachers, coaches and specialists. In the evening your team pitches its idea before a jury, consisting of heavyweight representatives from the world of education, innovation and business.

Who can attend?

We’re not only searching for innovators, developers and technicians, but also designers, and students in the field of entrepreneurship and facility management. Every student with an open mind and fresh and unconventional ideas can contribute!

Registration is open for HBO/WO student teams (up to max. 6 participants) and individual students, who will be linked to team up with others.

Any questions left?
Please check the page with the FAQ’s.

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