What can I expect?

Together with approximately 100 participants from different Universities and disciplines, you’will work 2 days in teams in order to contribute to generating sustainable, innovative and unconventional to give students the opportunity to excel. What do you need as a student to create your ideal studying conditions?

You and your team will have to work very hard yourselves, but you can count on us for support by specialists and experienced coaches and the challenging and inspiring and varied programme we offer. Be inspired by our speakers and choose the workshops with topic of your own interests: from 21st century personal skills, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, agile working, e-learning to facility management and entrepreneurship.

You will meet new people from different universities and background, but also will have the opportunity to build a network within the world of education, innovation and business.

Fun plays also an important role in the programme. Besides the hard work entertainment will be part of it. Tired of thinking and ready for a short break? We offer a rest and relax room! Enjoy our spectacular rooftop party with DJ Sander on the amazing Orion terrace on Friday night; sleep is for the weak!

And finally: you can win 2.500 euro with your team if you convince the jury of the best idea. The first & second runner up will be rewarded with appealing prices as well!

All ideas collected during our event will be evaluated afterwards with the participants afterwards and if potentially interesting to develop further also with other external partners. So join us, register yourself or your team and connect, (be) inspire(d), develop & deliver!

Who can and will attend the event?

Very often in this kind of brainstorm pressure cooker-like events, only technicians and software developers are involved. We need them too, but are also on the quest for creative, commercial or facility management students. Do you study Theory of education? Industrial Design? Business Economics? Psychology? Theatre or Chinese? Be there! We want to create cross-disciplinary teams and relationships to leverage the skills and energy of all participants. Your enthusiasm, involvement and motivation to co-create the excellent study environment for now and the future is more important to us than your background!

You can register your team, but individual students with an open mind and enthusiasm are welcome as well and will be connected to with others to create a team.

What can I win?

You always win a 2 day inspiring experience, new connections, support of coaches and opportunities to expand your network in the world of education, innovation and business. We also offer you an all-inclusive stay with free drinks, meals, fun & entertainment.

The jury will decide on the team with the best idea(s) and reward it with a team prize of 2.500 euro’s. The first and second runners up will also be rewarded with appealing prices.

What do I need to take with me?

We organise  almost everything for you. A roof above your head, fine food & drinks from morning till you go asleep (if you do so…). Only alcoholic drinks after 23.00 hrs have to be fairly paid for. So you just have to bring your:

  • laptop and adaptor
  • sleeping mat and bag, pillow, towels, clothing and toilet bag

Can I register a team, or as individual?

Teams up to 6 persons in total can be registered together. Individual registration is also possible. We link these people to create new teams, or add people to registered teams with 5 people or less.

Can I join the event for one day?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to join as a participant for just a part of the programme. Still want to be part of it? We are also looking for volunteers to help us organize the event. Register as volunteer, or mail organization@inventionsummercamp.com and Marjet will contact you!

Do I have to pitch my idea(s)?

All teams will have their 5 minutes of fame during the elevator pitches on Saturday. The jury, composed of highly respected representatives in the worlds of innovation, education and business, will decide afterwards who is the winning team. The best team according to the public will also be rewarded.

How about eventual follow-up of my/our ideas?

As the event is organized in the Netherlands Dutch patent- and copyright laws apply. We will evaluate the ideas after the event with our participants. Might there be ideas to develop to successful concepts or products, we can cooperate with partners like StartHub and StartLife Wageningen and their advisors, business partners and investors to take further steps.


I have another question, who can I ask?

The organizing team can be reached
by mail info@inventionsummercamp.com.
You can also call Marjet
by mobile 0031-653180354.