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Support of experts

Working with your team and  need help from a specialist instead of your team coach?
Need assistence on the content of your idea or having questions regarding financial issues, marketing or feasibilty of your plan?
Ask help from an expert!

We have the support of several experts to consult and help you! These are the dedicated people involved in (y)our challenge! Don’t hesitate to contact them and click to see how and when they’ll be at your service!

Experts by theme

Stacy PyettWURproteins
Els SiebelinkWURnutrition
Olaf van der Veen
Kawire GosselinkWURfood systems/food chains
Evi-Mara van Beekhuizen
This Side Up CoffeeCircular solutions for waste streams
Natalie van DisGroningen UniversityEvolutionary Biology

General experts

Gerben Dijkhuis
Rabobank Agri & Foodinnovation/
financing possibilities
Steff de GrootWageningen International Conference Centrehospitality/
serving international guests/
catering concepts
Annemarie van Vilsteren
Oost NLconsultancy in Agri/Food business/government subsidies/internationalisatie
Pernilla Orij

Do you have any other questions? Send and email to the organizing team ( and Marjet will contact you!

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