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Olaf van der Veen
CEO/founder Orbisk

Olaf is a sustainable entrepreneur from the Netherlands, who is passionate about developing tech solutions that help solve real-world problems, in this case, reduce the food waste problem.

He has M.Sc. in pharmaceutical chemistry, has years of experience in hospitality on the one hand, whilst practicing data visualizing and advocating data-driven business practice at a large retailer on the other: an experienced Analytics Consultant.

Olaf is the co-founder of Orbisk (formerly known as Zero food waste), and they invented the world´s first fully automated waste monitor. It is a solution for restaurants to quantify the huge volumes of wasted food by employing an AI image recognition algorithm. In combination with a smart scale, this technology provides real-time actionable insights into food losses in the fields of procurement, planning, and efficiency within the kitchen.

Besides the ecological and economic incentive to reduce food waste, this product can be used as a marketing tool to communicate with the customers of restaurants

Areas of expertise:
Food waste technology/innovation/sustainability


Consultation hours:
Wed 28-10 / 11:00-12:00  and Fri 30-10 / 11:00-12:00

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