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Natalie van Dis – PhD candidate
Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) & GELIFES Groningen University

Gewoon Vega was a project group consisting of five students. In collaboration with Utrecht University, we followed the food choices and experience of visitors of one of Utrecht University’s restaurants for several months. To stimulate vegetarian food choices, we used an innovative approach of combining nudging with an information campaign. We gradually changed the presentation of the sandwiches on offer in two ways, presenting a stack of two nudges. We ended the project with informing visitors why choosing vegetarian is sustainable. Our campaign was a success! It resulted in a significant increase of vegetarian sandwiches sales relative to non-vegetarian sandwiches. For this, our project group was awarded the Utrecht University Exceptional Extracurricular Activities Award 2017-2018.

Areas of expertise:
Evolutionary Biology, experience with promoting sustainable lifestyle


Available for questions:
Yes; contact me via email!

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