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ISCW 2020

The Future of Food & Beverage @WUR

Monday October 26th – Friday November 6th 2020

In the years to come a lot of developments on the Campus will take place. The Dialogue Centre and third educational building will be opened, as well as Plus Ultra II. Companies, like Unilever, settle down on Wageningen Campus.

More and more students, employees and visitors use Campus facilities for eating and drinking. Food and beverage are subject to major changes in the field of sustainability, zero waste, circularity, healthy products, individual preferences and diets, hospitality, technological innovation, etc. As WUR aims to set a new vision on Food and Beverage for the next 5 years and due to expiring contracts with the current catering partners we’re on the quest for students and employees who want to join our online event ISCW 2020!

Due to Covid-19 our plenary kick off will be on October 26th from 09.00-12.00 am and our sparkling finals will take place on November 6th from 12.00-17.00 pm. In the meantime you can plan your (online) working time with your own team according to your own wishes and way of working (i.e. Teams, WhatsApp, on location with the appropriate social distance, etc.). You will be supported by our team coaches and expert desk.

Come up with your brilliant ideas on the Future of Food & Beverage @WUR and take the opportunity to contribute to eating and drinking facilities in the years to come!

Do you have a vision or ideas on our main topics of the Future of Food & Beverage @WUR:

  • Happy, healthy & fit lifestyle
  • Personalized and “tailor made” eating (i.e. vegan/flex/biological, etc)
  • Sustainability, circularity, minimal waste
  • Hospitality and distinctive catering concepts
  • Technological innovation?

Join your WUR colleagues and students and brainstorm, work and shape your ideas with your team! Experts in the field of food, hospitality, sustainability and business will help your group. Enjoy our programme with inspiring online cases and lectures and contribute to the Future of Food & Beverage @WUR.

Programme Oct. 26th – Nov. 6th 2020

We offer you a very challenging and inspiring programme.

Monday Oct. 26th 09.00-12.00 am

  • Online opening
  • Theme’s and objectives
  • Meet your team and coach
  • Way of working
  • Brainstorming with your team

From Oct. 26th till Nov. 5th

  • Plan your own teamwork
  • Get support from coaches & experts
  • Enjoy our online cases & lectures
  • Shape your ideas
  • Prepare your final team pitch

Friday Nov. 6th 12.00-17.00 pm

  • Online & live welcome from Impulse!
  • Meet our jury
  • Team pitches & presentations
  • Award Ceremony
  • Online closure with drinks & bites

Lectures & cases

Get involved in the world of healthy food, innovation, distinctive catering concepts, sustainability/circularity and trends in Food & Beverage!

During our event we will provide you with interesting webinars, articles, videos and other media on our 5 topics in general, and the main theme of your team chosen in particular.  You can read and explore more about your theme at any time convenient for you and your team. Use our cases for inspiration and to further shape your brilliant ideas. Your team will be supported during the process by your own team coach and our online expert panel!



Due to Covid-19 the organization committee of ISCW 2020: The Future of Food & Beverage @WUR had to made some major changes to make the event Corona proof.


The plenary (and interactive) introduction session of our programme (on October 26th) will be live streamed from the Impulse Building. The way of working in your team after the opening on October 26th  until 5th of November is up to the teams themselves (via Teams, WhatsApp, on location with the appropriate social distance, etc.), as is the amount of time you need/want to spend to work out your idea and prepare your team pitch. Your team coach will be available for your team and helps with planning the process. Our online experts can be consulted for specific questions you and your team might have.

On the day of the final event (November 6th 12.00-17.00 pm) an interactive livestream broadcast is planned in Impulse building with a restricted live audience, jury and participants/representatives of the teams. Based on the actual developments and restrictions regarding Covid-19 by November we will decide whether it’s possible to get all the teams gathered in groups on the Campus or even in Impulse Building. We will inform you on the definitive programme and place to be later this year.

If you want to join, keep in mind that you have to be available –online- from at least 09.00-12.00 am on Monday October 26th and Friday November 6th from 12.00 to 17.00 pm. All actual news will be posted on our Facebook page Invention Summer Camp 2020. So follow us and we will keep you posted!

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